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Blockchain Business Developer France - Alternance

Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs

Software Engineering
Paris, France
Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024

About Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs is the largest R&D center in the Tezos ecosystem, a subsidiary of the Tezos Foundation based in Switzerland. Nomadic Labs brings together over 50 R&D engineers working on the development and evolution of the Tezos protocol.

Nomadic Labs focuses on three main areas:

  1. The development of the Tezos blockchain,
  2. The strengthening the ecosystem,
  3. The support of companies and institutions in adoption the Tezos blockchain for their Web3 initiatives in France, Benelux and Germany.

Nomadic Labs is hiring a Business Developer to strengthen the presence of our community in France.

As an ambassador of the values of Nomadic Labs and Tezos, you will build strong partnerships and grow our ecosystem.

Your missions:

  • Promote Tezos technology to startups, private groups, and public institutions in France;
  • Develop and manage professional relationships and partnerships with various players in the blockchain ecosystem to promote the use of Tezos technology;
  • Stimulate the creation of synergies within the existing and emerging ecosystem to facilitate the development of projects on Tezos;
  • Identify and introduce specialized development teams to Tezos to implement new solutions on the chain;
  • Assist various prospects in navigating through the technology and Tezos ecosystem: support on various solutions and technologies available, selection of relevant players, governance mode, and economic considerations, funding opportunities (e.g., Grants), etc.;
  • Monitor and track the development of the Tezos ecosystem, particularly through the development of project monitoring in the ecosystem generally to target the most relevant blockchain solutions for the players;
  • Animate your network by organizing training for various entities of the Tezos ecosystem with the support of a Nomadic Labs team for these trainings;
  • Maintain a presence at various Blockchain events (conferences, meetups…);
  • Collect and internally share feedback from various partners and users or potential users;
  • Occasionally perform technical reviews of projects in the ecosystem;
  • Provide a weekly report of activities and meetings to the Adoption Team Manager and the Management of Nomadic Labs.

Your profile:

  • You have a thorough knowledge of blockchain technology and a good understanding of different ecosystems and environments. You easily grasp the blockchain challenges for businesses and end-users.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills in English (C1).
  • You are adaptable in a rapidly changing environment and are recognized for your interpersonal skills and adaptability. You can work autonomously and are proactive in your approaches.
  • Significant experience as a BD is required, or 2 years of experience in a blockchain ecosystem. An interest in blockchain technology is required.

To conclude…

Nomadic Labs is a rapidly expanding company, just like Tezos technology. You will work in a dynamic environment at the forefront of technology where your role may evolve according to your sensitivities and pace of work. You can send your CV to