Tezos ecosystem career opportunities

Tezos is the product of many organizations and individuals across the globe working together on an open-source project.

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We build and scale Tezos blockchain explorers, developer tools and DeFi products. We love open source and simplify the work with blockchains!

We are a company that works on the security of social infrastructure systems such as cryptocurrencies by formal verification technology such as type system, static analysis, model checking, and theorem proving.

Dogami is a joyful mobile-first play-to-earn game that is centered around 3D NFT dog avatars. In essence, gamers can engage in four main activities in the ‘Petaverse’: adopt, play, earn, and socialize. The overarching objective of the game is to develop the rarest and best dog. Dogami offers attractive play-to-earn mechanisms, most notably in-game play-to-earn rewards.

We build developer tools for the Tezos blockchain.

@myfunctori, Tailor-Made Solutions Built With Fun* | Software Dev, Programming Languages, Blockchains & dApps, Formal Methods. #Tezos, #NFT, #DeFi, #OCaml

At fxhash, we build tools that allow artists and collectors to live out their passion for generative art. Our platform facilitates an easy and safe space for artists, collectors, and curators to create generative art projects, buy, sell, and collect art — and share their collections with the world.

Lugh se positionne comme le premier acteur à émettre un stablecoin €, l’EURL, dans un environnement de confiance aux côtés de la Société Générale et d’un auditeur international. L’EURL sera mis à la disposition d’acteurs de la finance ainsi que du monde du commerce afin de leur permettre de créer de nouveaux usages innovants pour leurs clients. Lugh is positioned as the first player to issue a stablecoin pegged to the euro, EURL, in a trustworthy environment alongside Société Générale and an international auditor. EURL will be made available to players in the financial and commercial sectors to enable them to create new and innovative use cases for their customers

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MadFish is a blockchain company with a wide range of popular DeFi products. Some of them are Temple crypto wallet, Quipuswap DEX, and Yupana lending protocol.

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We are a company dedicated to Tezos' success. Join us to work on interesting problems!

@Tezos blockchain experts. Octopus Working on the core development, evolution and adoption of the Tezos protocol in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Technical blog: Twitter account: @LabosNomades

We are a fast-moving startup on a mission to build the largest community-owned NFT marketplace, empowering creators and collectors in a brand new economy.

Oxhead Alpha provides systems integration, research, enterprise infrastructure, software product development, and consulting services.